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Lower Edge Quarry

Lower Edge quarry is the last working quarry in the immediate area. Yorkshire sandstone has been quarried and mined in the Brighouse and Rastrick area since the middle ages and Lower Edge is the last surviving quarry.


In 1905 it was being taxed to support the local workhouse and apart from a brief period in the 1980’s it has been in continual operation since.


The quality of the yorkshire stone was such that it was mined and hauled to the surface to be finished. Our current operation takes us through the mined galleries and shafts at depths of around 70ft.

Fly Flatts Quarry

Fly Flatts Quarry is situated on a remote part of Wainstalls Moor, overlooking Halifax. The moor was primarily farmed in the ancient past, but to supplement their income, the farmers realised the stone beneath them had a value. They were not quarried to the same extent as the vast sandstone quarries of the region but modern methods give access to much more of the underlying york stone.


Traditionally the quarry produced coursed grained sandstone but recently, having removed 50000 Tonne of crushed stone from the exposed surface; much finer grained beds have been revealed ensuring a constant supply for many years to come.


The colour of the yorkshire stone ranges from pale buff to gentle autumnal orange/browns through to light blue. Strikingly beautiful to soften a hard landscaped area.

Hunters Hill Quarry

Although in a similar location to Fly Flatts, the output from this quarry is much less, the block being formed in thin strata that tends to separate easily.  Hunters Hill paving is finer grained than Fly Flatts and a deeper buff in colour than our Lower Edge quarry. The yorkshire stone is beautiful but it’s a small block quarry ideally suited to paving and walling.


The colours are beautifully autumnal. When it is used as paving the striking colours range from blue to rich gold and deep russet. Gritstone walling is beautiful in its own right but is also receptive to dyes to replicate old stone.


Fly Flatts and Hunters Hill quarry are adjacent to the bridalway that the Brontes sisters will have walked when they traversed the footpath on Wainstalls moor on their route between Howarth and the Red House at Gomersal. A high desolate place as the name of the road implies – Cold Edge Road and Witherns; it is a bleak and uninviting place in winter.


We have plenty of yorkshire stone reserves for the foreseeable future and therefore clients know they will always be able to add to their projects even if its some years later. Modern techniques are used to extract the stone without the use of explosives and with minimal impact on the environment.

Leading suppliers in the yorkshire stone industry since 1970.

Established in 1970, Rand & Asquith are a family run business specialising in Yorkshire stone and are market leading suppliers in the stone industry. Sourcing stone from our own quarries in Rastrick and Halifax and processed at our facilities in Brighouse, we have built up a reputation for high quality and reliable service supplying stone for any project.


We have invested heavily in computerised and high technology machinery to ensure the accuracy of cut and our skilled masons have many years’ experience to guarantee that only the highest quality york stone is selected for each individual project.


At Rand & Asquith we pride ourself in being able to supply york stone for any project including: Walling, Paving – riven or sawn, Ashlar – including heads, cills, ornate hand carved fireplaces, Landscaping – rockery, ornate stonework, Bespoke masonry and Reclaimed.

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