Paving Stone


Our own much sought after Lower Edge York stone paving is widely specified and used throughout the UK by local authorities and public and private contractors. The naturally occurring colour variations are enhanced by the subtle weathering and maturing of the yorkshire stone. York stone paving is proven to be long lasting. Its traditional appearance enables it to work successfully in every conceivable location and with every style of building.



Riven Yorkstone paving is cleaved along natural sedimentary boundaries and has a non-slip finish. It is widely used in exterior areas – around swimming pools; in gardens and on patios. It can also be used to great effect as an interior flooring material giving an endearing, Yorkstone, rustic charm to a room.



Sawn Yorkstone paving offers a more contemporary look. It can be close-jointed and has a smooth finish. Unlike the rougher surface of riven Yorkstone paving, sawn stone is smooth across the surface, being honed after cutting. Depending on the original Yorkshire stone slabs from which it is cut, the pavings can still exhibit the character of the rock, or can be more uniform. The sawn stones are more uniform in size and, being sawn along all edges, and can be laid precisely and with very narrow joints – ideal for flooring.



We supply setts in a variety of sizes and finishes: Diamond sawn, shot sawn, split face and tumbled. These can be sawn to specific sizes or split edged and random sizes


Crazy Paving

Crazy yorkstone paving is most frequently used in gardens. Paving stones of irregular size and shape are laid in a haphazard manner often with mortar filling the gaps between.

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